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Screenhouse 6 Privacy Panels x2

Available for the Outdoor Revolution Screenhouse 4 (ORSH1004) and the Screenhouse 6 (ORSH1006), Screenhouse Privacy Panels (sold in pairs) are designed to give additional protection from the elements, providing both privacy and extra cover from wind, rain and extra shade from the sun. Made from the same 240hd high density all weather fabric as the screenhouse itself, these optional sidewalls can be quickly & easily fitted to your Screenhouse in seconds by means of a toggle and Velcro attachment system. A centrally positioned reinforced eyelet allows for the screenhouse guy line to pass through, so as to not affect the guying system when the panel is fitted, keeping your screenhouse securely pegged down.

Screenhouse panels are sold in packs of 2, allowing you to cover 2 screenhouse side walls.

Expect to pay: £39.99

• 240HDE high density all weather fabric

• Sold as a pack of 2

• Provides extra cover from the wind & rain and extra shade from the sun

• Toggle & Velcro attachment system

Total Weight 5.4kg 

Size 180cm x 180cm

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